High demand for services

At Growth Psychology Practice, we are experiencing peak demand for our services and as such our Practitioners diaries continue to be heavily booked many months in advance. 

It is advisable for our existing clients to schedule follow-up appointments and attend their current scheduled bookings to avoid lengthy delays in consecutive appointments. 

 We welcome enquires from new clients and will try to accommodate new referrals if and when diaries of our Practitioners have availability. At present, this availability is limited however we will continue to work with our referral community

Cancellation fees

Due to the unprecedented demand for Psychological services, it is imperative that clients avail of the session times afforded to them. 

Clients need to provide at least 24 (business) hours notice of cancellations to avoid a $100 fail to attend fee. This fee is payable prior to scheduling or attending any further sessions. 

Non attended or cancelled evening appointments will result in a full fee charge and may apply to sessions not attended during business hours. 

The cancellation of ongoing sessions or failing to attend sessions without notice may lead to future bookings being removed from the Practitioners diaries to accommodate outside demand.

We thank you for your ongoing support.

Changing from onsite to telehealth

In keeping our staff and community safe, scheduled appointments may change from Onsite to Telehealth at short notice. 

It is the expectation of the practice that clients continue with their scheduled appointment as a telehealth booking to ensure the success of the ongoing treatment.

Returning to Face-to-Face Appointments

From Monday 8th November, Growth Psychology Practice is moving to offer face-to-face appointments onsite to clients who are FULLY VACCINATED. If you are fully vaccinated and wish to have your appointment in-person, you MUST provide proof of vaccination.

We are pleased to announce that Telehealth appointments will remain available if clients are unable to fulfil this requirement, unable to provide proof of vaccination, or they simply prefer this appointment type.

The quickest and easiest way to show proof of vaccination is by adding the COVID-19 digital certificate to the Service Victoria app on your phone. Please ensure your digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate is linked ahead of your appointment, and feel free to email your certificate through ahead of time for efficiency.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter as we endeavour to best safeguard our clients, staff, families and community.

Please note we are in the exciting process of developing our new website which has been delayed due to the pandemic. Should you have any queries and the above information not be current, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative team on (03) 5242 8637. Our information and COVID-19 responses and handling will be updated to meet best practice and in line with the Australia Psychological Society and Department of Health and Human Services requirements to ensure the health and well-being of our clients and staff.