We respect and appreciate the expert medical and diagnostic skills of Psychiatrists. We seek to develop collaborative, complementary relationships with Psychiatrists.

Psychiatrist Referral

Patients may be referred for as many as 10 sessions in a calendar year through Medicare.

How do I make a referral to Growth Psychology Practice under the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme for up to 10 individual services?

Patients may be referred under the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme with a letter or note to an eligible psychologist signed and dated by the referring practitioner. Referring practitioners are not required to use a specific form to refer patients for these services.

Patients may be referred from Specialist Psychiatrists under any of the specialist attendance Medicare Items 104 through 109.

For Consultant Physician Psychiatrists, the relevant eligible Medicare services cover any of the Consultant Psychiatrist Medicare Items 293 through 370.

These services should be provided, as required, for an initial course of treatment (a maximum of six services but may be less depending on the referral and patient need) to a maximum of ten services per calendar year.

Please contact our friendly administration staff on (03) 5242 8637 for further information and/or details regarding referrals to the SHADES group therapy program.

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