Clinical Neuropsychologist Services

Clinical Neuropsychologists conduct neuropsychological assessments for people experiencing difficulties with memory, learning, attention, language, problem-solving or other aspects of thinking and behaviour.

Areas of cognition assessed include intelligence, memory, language, attention, problem-solving, literacy, visual-motor skills, personality/emotional functioning and academic skills.

Neuropsychological assessments review the impact of changes on lifestyle and relationships as well as regarding capacity to return to previous activities such as study/school, work, driving or financial management. The neuropsychological assessment takes from as few as 2 hours to as many as 4 hours of face to face contact, held over several different sessions. The assessment typically involves the administration of neuropsychological tests done with pen and paper. Most people find it interesting and fun.

Following an assessment, Sami (Clinical Neuropsychologist) will provide education and strategies to manage any cognitive and behavioural effects of brain injuries or illnesses in order to maximise quality of life. Written and verbal feedback is tailored to the needs of the client and the referral source, providing personalised strategies and education.

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