The Growth Psychology Story

Growth Psychology Practice was established in 2008 and is an innovative, supportive, private practice centrally located in Geelong. We deliver exceptional psychological services to the Barwon region from a team of committed and professional psychologists.

Our Practice

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We have a friendly team of both Clinical and General Psychologists who strive to be the first choice provider of psychological services to Geelong and our community. Growth Psychology Practice values care, authenticity, collaboration and excellence to ensure you can create meaningful and lasting change.

Our psychologists have extensive (many with 10+ years) experience in Private Practice. Psychologists at Growth keep up to date on developing treatment approaches and have extensive knowledge and experience to help ensure they are providing the right care for your individual needs.

Our office suite in Geelong consists of two beautifully restored, light filled and purposely renovated Victorian cottages providing a calm, comfortable and welcoming space as soon as you step through our doors.

Under the GP Mental Health Care Plan initiative, Medicare rebates are available for Psychology services. This plan can be provided to you by a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician and entitles you to access 6 rebatable visits over the calendar year. Once you have completed your six sessions, you can see your doctor for a MHCP review. This may entitle you to an additional four sessions. The team at Growth Psychology Practice will do their best to keep note of how many sessions you have used. However, it is important for clients to be aware of this also to prevent exhausting your sessions and being required to pay privately

Clients are also able to access Psychology services at Growth Psychology Practice privately with no referral required. Rebates through health funds may be available (please contact your fund to establish rebate amounts). A limited number of sessions may also be available through third party referrals including WorkSafe, TAC or NDIS.

Please discuss this option with your Psychologist if you feel this is suitable to your situation.

Waiting periods for appointments: Clients can expect follow up appointments to be booked approximately 2 weeks apart, however the practice may experience busier periods in which an appointment will be booked at the next available. If you feel that your appointment is too far away, you can ask to be placed on our cancellation list. We will make every endeavour to bring your appointment forward if you are on a waiting list. When a cancellation appointment becomes available, an sms will be sent out to advise time and availability.

Our team at Growth Psychology Practice provides continuing care with our clients, and as such, our ability to respond to crisis situations and emergencies is limited. Clients can expect that there is a 24-48 hour turn around period for return phone calls from their Psychologist, depending on their hours of work.

If you are in need of urgent assistance, please contact the ACCESS Team at Barwon Health on 1300 094 187. This service is resourced to provide support 24 hours a day. ACCESS is the primary point of entry to Barwon Health public mental health services.

Alternatively, you may contact Lifeline on 131 114.

Please note that our Psychologists reserve the sole discretion to decline requests for reports. Where a report is required, please note that the report will be provided 30 days from clear payment of the invoice. Please ensure you advise our administrative team and your psychologist if you may require a report. Please note that we do not provide assessment for disability support pensions where a client has a clinical disorder (Eg. Depression, anxiety).

Medicare Easyclaim assists clients to receive their rebates through the HICAPS terminal at the time of their consultation. If you are able to provide a current Medicare card and a cheque or savings debit card, our receptionists are able to process your partial rebate in the practice for you.

Please note: There are circumstances which can affect our ability to process your rebate at the time of your consultation, and unfortunately we may need to refer you to a Medicare office or online to claim your rebate in some situations.

Growth Psychology Practice is open 8:45am-5:30pm Monday – Thursday, and 8:45am 4:00pm Friday’s.

We have a full time front of house team, so you will be warmly welcomed to our practice and assistance is on hand during these hours.

Updated fees effective from 1st July 2024:

A standard consultation (50-60 minutes)

$215 with a registered Psychologist

$260 with a Clinical Psychologist

An SMS reminder will be sent with 48 hours’ notice for your appointments. Due to such high demand for psychology services, a cancellation fee of $100 will apply if less than 24 hours’ notice is given of your cancellation or you fail to attend a scheduled appointment.

Our Purpose

Helping people make meaningful change

Our Vision

To be the first choice psychology practice for our community

We value

Our Approach

Our Commitment

To our community, provide the highest quality psychological care available

Our psychologists are committed to evolving their professional skills and being objective, self-reflective, ethical, and evidence-based in their practice.We ensure our psychologists are supported through individual and peer supervision on a regular basis.

Please examine the experience of our psychologists here.

To our profession, raising the bar of psychological treatment provided in private practice settings

The experience and skill of our psychologists is reflected in the improved well-being of our clients.

The effectiveness of the therapy we offer and the benefits clients’ gain from it are demonstrated through the outcome information our psychologists collate and review with each client. 

The collective experience of our psychologists is used to inform and improve client care.

To our community, to reduce the stigma associated with accessing psychological services

We seek to promote a positive view of the help-seeking process. 

Our practice encourages the community to view psychological health as fundamentally important to our well-being. We view the perceived fear, embarrassment, and shame in accessing psychological services as unnecessary.