Our friendly administration staff will answer any questions you may have and can book an appointment for you with one of our psychologists. If you have not been referred or chosen a specific psychologist to see, our administration staff can help match a psychologist to your needs.
At your initial appointment you will meet with one of our psychologists who will ask you to provide information about yourself and your reasons for seeking assistance. Our psychologist will provide you with some feedback to check their understanding of your difficulties and if necessary provide education and/or brief suggestions to help you.
Our psychologist will develop a plan with you to assist in improving your health. Subsequent sessions will focus on providing the strategies identified in the plan to help you grow in the ways you want to. You and your psychologist will review your progress on an ongoing basis. Changes can be made to the treatment to ensure you achieve the changes you want to.
Our psychologists seek to provide the most cost-effective psychological care available. Our psychologists will pair their expertise and experience with your knowledge of your circumstances and goals to estimate the number of sessions you require within your first two consultations.

You can request a Mental Health Plan for Individual Sessions from your General Practitioner. Depending upon your circumstances, you may be eligible for rebates from Medicare for as many as 10 sessions per year. Rebates can be processed onsite at Geelong.

Clients who have private health insurance with ancillary services may also be eligible for rebates.

Please contact us for any enquiries.