At Growth Psychology Practice we receive referrals from a range of individuals, families, health professionals, and organisations located in Geelong and surrounding areas. This section of our website is designed to help clients and referrers access our services. We have included some questions and answers to help explain the processes for a referral to a psychologist relevant to the different types of referrers.

We have categorised referrers into the following areas:

  • Self – If you would like help and are referring yourself or someone you care about to one of our psychologists.
  • General Practitioners – General Practitioners seeking to make a referral to a psychologist through Medicare, TAC or Workcover.
  • Psychiatrists – Consultant Psychiatrists seeking to make a referral to a psychologist through Medicare.
  • Paediatricians – Paediatricians seeking to make a referral to a psychologist through Medicare.
  • Businesses – Businesses seeking assistance to improve the well-being of their staff and organisational functioning through psychologist services. Government or privately funded agencies requiring psychological assessment and treatment services.

We also accept referrals from allied health professionals, other mental health practitioners and a broad range of community organisations. If you require further information on how to access our psychologist services please give our friendly administration staff a call on (03) 5242 8637.