Growth Psychology Practice offers a wide range of high-quality psychological services for businesses in Geelong and its surrounding areas. Make the most of your employee relationships through developing and cultivating a positive and supportive workplace. We will work with your people to clarify your businesses needs and to help you to meet them.

Business services can be provided in relation to developing business culture and organisational values, team performance/building and a number of other specific workshops as outlined below.

Tailored workshops

a) Building Resilience – identifying and building resilience
b) The Mindful Workplace – teaches mindfulness concepts and exercises related to the workplace
c) Conflict to Success – focussing on interpersonal skills development
d) Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace – the value of identifying and how to support each other when we exhibit changes in well-being
e) The Well-Being Checklist – more specific identifying and self-management strategies for emotional well-being
f) Positive Culture (building on c and d noted above)

Growth Psychology Practice can also provide specific educational and supportive counselling services both on an individual or group basis (e.g., to assist a number of employees to improve their well-being, targeted performance coaching) with specific areas such as;
  • Stress and coping
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Personal and/or Work Relationships
  • Substance Use

If you are seeking psychological services for your business please do not hesitate to give our friendly administration staff a call on (03) 5242 8637.