Growth Psychology Practice was established in 2008 to provide high quality psychological services to our community from a team of committed and professional psychologists.

Our Purpose

Helping people make meaningful change

Our Vision

To be the first choice psychology practice for our community

We Value

  • Authenticity
  • Caring
  • Striving / excellence
  • Collaboration

Our Approach Is

  • Respectful and caring
  • Non-judgemental, helping you grow through your experiences
  • Focussed on enhancing the skills of our clients’ and identifying their strengths
  • Directed toward meaningful change

Our Commitment:

To our community – provide the highest quality psychological care available.

Our psychologists are committed to evolving their professional skills and being objective, self-reflective, ethical, and evidence-based in their practice. We ensure our psychologists are supported through individual and peer supervision on a regular basis. Please examine the experience of our psychologists through the following link;

To our profession – raise the bar of psychological treatment provided in private practice settings.

The experience and skill of our psychologists is reflected in the improved well-being of our clients. The effectiveness of the therapy we offer and the benefits clients’ gain from it are demonstrated through the outcome information our psychologists collate and review with each client. The collective experience of our psychologists is used to inform and improve client care.

To our community – reduce the stigma associated with accessing psychological services.

We seek to promote a positive view of the help-seeking process. Our practice encourages the community to view psychological health as fundamentally important to our well-being. We view the perceived fear, embarrassment, and shame in accessing psychological services as unnecessary.